Yippee! I’ve finally started my blog… This is one of my New Year resolutions, but I wasn’t able to start it earlier because of busyness. Why a blog, you may ask. Well… I thought that it would help me to reflect over life, so that I can set memorial stones in my life. And I thought that this is also a good avenue to share with friends what’s been going on in my life. Whether the reader is interested, that’s another matter… haha ;-*

Thank God for the good time after New Year’s day to think ahead for the year. The Sunday Sermon that I received on New Year’s day itself really compelled me to evaluate my priorities for 2005 and to consider what would they be for the new year. Last year, I was really caught up with working out certain responsibilites and resting my weary body and soul that I forgot what I really wanted in life. There were regrets for the times wasted, and I know that I have to answer to God for them, but now, I’m just going to look ahead for the year. I have been reading Ecclesiastes for my Quiet Time and I am convicted that each day of life from God is to be celebrated and enjoyed (Read chapter 9). In fact, I have read in this book recurringly that to eat and drink and find satisfaction in work is the gift of God (Ecc 2:24-25; 3:13; 5:18-19). So, I’m just learning to enjoy and thank Him for my daily food and drink, and the ability to work (although there are times that I feel ‘sian’ at work… haiz, bad me…).

So, have you thought of the causes you would live for in this year and how you would live?

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