5 Feb 06, Sunday. Heavy downpour

Yesterday was the annual CNY-Youth fellowship visitations, so instead of the regular Saturday fellowship, we went around visiting one another’s families. It’s always a fun time doing so as we get glimpses of our homes as well as meet family members. And for the first time, my Quality Caring Partnership group (or QCP as we fondly know) came over to my place. I thought it was totally weird to see my visitors sharing with one another our growth points for the year and my mother, grandmother and brother were sitting in the background listening to us (as though my mother and grandmother could understand). But anyway, I’m glad that my family could see who the people that I meet at church are. And we are just a bunch of regular people who have discovered the saving knowledge of God’s grace, and are together on this journey of sanctification. And I think after this, I am much more comfortable having friends visit my place. Erm, I’ve never had project mates or classmates over ‘cause my place has always been in a mess, so I was too embarrassed to do so. But now I will try to keep my place cleaner… if I can have the cooperation of my brother…

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One Response to 5 Feb 06, Sunday. Heavy downpour

  1. Jessie says:

    your house is not messy lah…it’s really okay…
    and i also noticed how we were sharing and your family members were there sitting listening… maybe we should have shared in mandarin… but i supposed your brother could understand what we shared… i praise God together with you!!

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