25 February 2006. Saturday. It’s a stinking day (should have used deodorant)

Meant to update my blog earlier but my thoughts were very scattered and I didn’t know what to write exactly. In fact, my mind is always full of thoughts. But just because someone’s mind is full of thoughts means that she is intelligent. I’m just a pensive person, but I’m not a deep thinker. Anyway, my mind is usually very noisy. Like when I pray, I would have a million thoughts distracting me, and I’m very frustrated about the absence of stillness and silence. A sister mentioned to me about the practice of silence, and actually, I’m rather interested to find out more. In fact, I think this would be my mini project for foundation class (we were supposed to start examining a certain topic of interest, but I haven’t heard anything about it for weeks..)


Anyway, a certain incident at work yesterday provoked me to think about submission to civil government. What happened was that my colleague bought someone a music CD for a gift and I joked in front of others in the department about ripping it before giving the CD away. OK, I admit it: I was half-serious about it. But as soon as those words left my mouth, I knew that those words could stumbled my non-Christians colleagues, and I really regretted speaking. What if they think that Christians and non-Christians are the same, that we have no regards for IP laws? In fact, my illegal jaywalking is also considered as rebellion to the civil government. And in my Bible reading, I’ve came across exhortations of submission to authorities (Titus 3:1). And you know what? I think it DOES amount to sin when I jaywalk or rip songs illegally, because it is in direct opposition to the word of God. Even as I’m typing this, I know that it sounds crazy and blown out of proportion. But just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean that it’s OK for me to do so. In fact, sin is sin no matter how small the matter is or even if it doesn’t seem to hurt anyone. And the word of God is never meant to just restrict; God said what He said to protect us because He loves us. And this is something that I am discovering as I delve into His word, just one of those bountiful treasures in this deep deep mine.

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