17 March 2006. Friday. It’s another sleepy day…

Yesterday was supposed to be my first guitar lesson, but I gave it a miss. Reason was that I was nursing a migraine and had purged out my breakfast in a series of throwing up. Don’t worry about me; I’ve had such ailments since I was a teenager. I’m especially susceptible to migraines when I’m tired, and I think yesterday’s situation was rather bad as it was coupled with indigestion. And when I was contemplating whether I should attend the guitar lesson, I consulted a couple of people. One of them, my Christian colleague, said that I should take care of my body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I couldn’t agree more. Yet, I must candidly admit that I haven’t been doing so. Exercise is the last thing on my mind, and late nights are the norm for me. In fact, the night before the bout of migraine and nausea, I slept at 1230am as I wanted to catch the late night telecast of American Idol. (But I gave up due to tiredness and the not-so-entertaining performances). So I blame it on myself for the state of my health. The next time you see me, do remind me to take care of the temple, ya?

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