20 March 2006. Monday. I love Mondays. Usually.

Previously, I wrote in my blog about the quality of my sleep and how I prayed for uninterrupted sleep at night. But after these two weeks, if there’s one thing that I have learned, in the end, uninterrupted sleep is not the crux of activity or productivity. On those days where I had hours of continuous sleep, I would nod off at work. Conversely, there were days where sleep was interrupted, but I could still work effectively in the end. It was the Lord who sustained me in those days, and He’s the One who continues to do so now. On those mornings where I didn’t rest well the nights before, I would despair and plead for the strength of the Lord. And He always answers my prayer (so much so that I couldn’t sleep during the lunch breaks that I intended to nap). So I relearned one thing that my discipler taught me before: I should not put my confidence in the number of hours that I could sleep, but the Lord who gives me strength.

But don’t get me wrong now: Just because the Lord is the One who grants me strength, do I live carelessly and not take care of my health? No, as I shared in the previous entry, I need to take care of my body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. And there have been ones who have reminded me of this resolution. To you, I say, thank you.

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One Response to 20 March 2006. Monday. I love Mondays. Usually.

  1. Jaime says:

    Thanks for your timely reminder. I need to hear that!

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