28 March 2006. Tuesday. This is the day that the Lord has made!

First of all, Meiyun – thank you for calling me last night and checking on my TV-watching. Yes, this is what accountability is about. Some are adverse to accountability because they think it’s policing. But if you are really concerned about your own actions, then I don’t think you should be afraid to be checked. I’m not anyway…


But I must say that yesterday was a day that the Lord reminded me of His work in my life. Just like verse 2 in John 15:1-16, my Quiet Time passage yesterday, my Heavenly Father prunes me so that I would be more fruitful. When I had only prayed to grow in love for my sheep, God desired that I should love even the unlovable. Someone got into a bit of a fix and called me for help. I was impatient and lost my temper at her. I realised that if I want to help her, I have to get out of the way to do so. But verse 13 says this, ‘Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.’ Jesus demonstrated His sacrificial love by dying on the Cross. I can’t say that I love that sister, but I know that God wants me to die as well. He wants me to die so that I would care for those who can’t reciprocate my love, and to care for those who may never change.

When I was confronted with the word of God, the tension in my heart was great. Yet, the same verse and thought lingered in my mind. Christ loves the unlovable, such as I, that on the Cross He had chosen to die. I was challenged to do the same, and I will say that I want to do so. I want to learn to care for this sister. It will be difficult and painful; in fact, I know that my natural self is not inclined to love. Love is a strange thing to me, and I really began to understand love after becoming a believer. But I know that my weakness can be overcome when I remain in Jesus (verses 4-5).

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