17 April 2006. Monday. It’s the day after Easter.

I’ve finished reading a book by one of my favourite authors last week and the last chapter has reminded me of truth that I’ve learned and shed light on those that I didn’t know. I will share the truth that God has reinforced first. In A.W. Tozer’s the Pursuit of God, the chapter titled ‘the Sacrament of Living’ touched on the issue of Sacred vs. Secular, and discussed the believers’ response toward sacred acts (e.g. prayer, Bible reading) and ordinary activities (e.g. working, eating, washing my laundry). Toward the latter, he wrote,

These we often do reluctantly and with many misgivings, often apologising to God for what we consider a waste of time and strength. The upshot of this is that we are uneasy most of the time. We go about our common tasks with a feeling of deep frustration, telling ourselves pensively that there’s a better day coming when we shall slough off this earthly shell and be bothered no more with the affairs of this world… Most Christians are caught in this trap. They cannot get a satisfactory adjustment between the tightrope between two kingdoms (the spiritual and natural) and they find no peace in either. Their strength is reduced, their outlook confused and their joy is taken from them.

Yes, there were times that I wonder why I gave my time to activities that seemed purposeless and dull. If I’m a full-time Christian worker, then perhaps my life would be more pleasing to God. That was my immature thought. And God had already corrected me through the verse in 1 Cor. 10,

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. (v. 31)

The word of God has opened the possibility of our every act contributing to the glory of God. And in Jesus’ life, He demonstrated a life that pleased God in all things (John 8:29). So my life is not made holier because of supposedly ‘holier’ deeds or work; my mundane life can be worship unto God when I offer all my acts to Him in faith (even ironing the clothes). But as Tozer said, this would only come with committed prayer to get away from the twisted opinion of the sacred-secular divide. And the evil one would be there ‘to remind the Christian that he is giving the better part of the day to the things of the world and allotting to his religious duties only a trifling portion of his time.’ And as you know, it is but to discourage and confuse us. So be on guard! And pray!

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