23 Jul 2006. Sunday. My heart is heavy…

Recently, that fear struck in me again. It was that fear that haunted me when I read Matthew 24 and realised that the devastation that precedes the return of Jesus Christ is real and terrible; it was the same fear that gripped me when I learned of the certainty of His second coming during the Jun 06 Church camp and the frequency of disasters occurring in recent times. And so when the tsunami hit Indonesia again and at the same time I received an email regarding a prophetic message of the war in Lebanon before the Lord’s return, the word of God about judgement weighed heavily in my heart. It did not help that during Adult Fellowship yesterday, we watch a clip about the Biblical references of hell. there are some who think that they have already experienced or seen hell, be it after the natural calamities or man-made ones that swept through their lives. Yet even after that, there is still hope, faith and love. And I’ve heard people say that they don’t mind going to hell because they know that they would be people there whom they know who would accompany them. Maybe they spoke in jest, but the reality of hell is no laughing matter. Hell would be a place of relentless torment, regardless of who else is there with you. There is no love, no friendship, no hope, and no faith, because hell is a place where God is absent, and everything that is of God – love, friendship, hope, faith, and everything else that is good – would not be there as well. It is described in the Bible as a lake of fire, where there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth. All this is for eternity. My small, finite brain is unable to comprehend suffering that is of an eternal timeframe. And I am already afraid.

Actually there is a part of me that wishes that I do not have to reckon with this truth, nor to tell others of the reality of hell. Yes, this truth is repulsive. The Gospel is repulsive to the fallen man because our spirits are dead in sin, and sin wants to hold control over us; anything that speaks of repentance and freedom from sin is contrary to sinful human nature. But can I not speak and let those whom I know approach a destiny without Christ?

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