Once again, somebody remarked yesterday that I’m a very organised person. I hate to destroy this positive image that others have of me, but I AM NOT AN ORGANISED PERSON!!! In fact, my life is usually swirling in chaos. I would only remember my appointments in my head, while leaving my calendar-and-organiser empty and unused. And I would have sporadic bursts of things in cerebral faculty that I have to do, but I usually don’t get down to making notes, less to say executing them. And when people are making plans to dispense their responsibilities for the coming week, I would just take one day at a time.

I can’t keep count of the numerous times that I bought off the shelf, or even designed and made my own organiser so that I could be more organised in my life. They usually end up all but forgotten on the desk or buried under my stuff in the bag. In fact, I’m so bent on getting my life in order that I’m considering another means of organisation: a PDA. Even as I type, I’m looking at the iPaq models on the Internet. Yet, somehow I’m sceptical of the frequency that I would utilise this gadget even if I do get one. You can have all the right tools, but if the nature isn’t organised, what’s their use anyway?

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