Man’s maker was made man

that He, Ruler of the stars, might nurse at His mother’s breast;

that the Bread might hunger, (John 6:35; Mark 11:12)

the fountain thirst, (John 4:13-14; John 19:28-29)

the Light sleep, (John 14:6; Matt 8:24)

the Way be tired on its journey; (John 14:6; John 4:6)

that Truth might be accused of false witnesses, (John 14:6; Matt 26:59-60)

the teacher be beaten with whips, (Matt 23:10; John 19:1)

the Foundation be suspended on wood; (1 Cor 3:11; Mark 15:24-27)

that Strength might grow weak; (Phil 4:13; John 4:6)

that the Healer might be wounded; (Matt 4:23; Matt 26:67)

that Life might die. (John 14:6; Luke 23:46)

St. Augustine

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