Take my advice: don’t try listening to a song that you know will play incessantly in your head before you go to bed. It will only return to haunt you, like I’m experiencing now. Somehow, I woke up at 5 am in the morning, and since then, Jewel’s voice has been stuck in my head.

DON’T / Don’t walk too close / Don’t breathe so soft / Don’t talk so sweet / Don’t sing / Don’t lay oh so near / Please don’t let me fall in love with you again / Please let me forget / all those sweet smiles / all of the passion / all of the peace, the heat, the pain / all those blue skies / where your words were my freedom / Please, don’t let me fall in love with you again / Too many times I’ve cared too much / I stood on the edge / and say that you held my hand / and knowing too well / I couldn’t hide from those eyes / Please, don’t let me fall in love with you again

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One Response to Don’t

  1. Praisior says:

    hahaha….this is so so so funny! hahahah.. yup, try memorising the word of God and you can start quoting verses b4 you sleep! I was quoting Ps 18 and 1 John 1 recently… Smt on the bus, I look lk those monk chanting. Must keep it up an b diligent student, or I will lose it.

    Thx alor for helping XP with teaching Chemistry and thx for taking time to fellowship with us! Really nice to have more more people to fellowship together!

    Really! Really! Oh, yah, must meet up yah! How about 28th Jan? B4 or after service you prefer? I prayed for your baptism last night!

    Jia you, I know you can be’cos He will enable you!

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