I’m getting baptised!

After 7 years as a churched Christian, I’m taking the step of faith to make the public declaration of my commitment to be united with Christ. It’s something like a wedding, I was telling others. You ask for witnesses so that in the future, if you stray away in the relationship (God forbid), these witnesses are to remind you of the commitment that you are bound to. So you will get to witness this, along with hearing my testimony, if you are attending my baptism. It’s on Easter Sunday, 8 Apr 07, from 10am to 11am approx. It’s at East Coast Beach, near the Amber Beacon (Yellow watchtower), and the nearest car park is C1. The nearest underpass is the one behind NTUC FairPrice (the old Marine Parade Library). I wish I could upload the map that I prepared, but there were some problems with it. If you are interested in coming to witness my baptism, but is unsure of the venue, do contact me. 🙂

I will share more on my blog at a later date. But right now, I’m looking forward to Sunday…

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