8 August 2007. Wednesday. Sunny. I’m still alive!

*LOL* Pardon me for the blog entry title, but i guess that is what i should say since i haven’t updated this blog for ages… So what happened this few months? Erm… I began to learn what it means to be an authentic Christian, i got transferred to another department, dealing with my own insecurities as i toil (ok lah, that’s an exaggeration) at my new department… lots happened but thank God that i can be hidden with Christ in God (Col 3:3).

You know what? I didn’t live as an authentic Christian, methinks. This revelation came to me when I sat thru the May Adult Fellowship session. A simple recap of what i learnt:

What authentic Christianity is not:
1) To equate spiritual accomplishment with relationship with God
– i fell into this mental snare as a young Christian. I was one of the first in my Foundation Class to start serving (first in events, then as a Motivator), went for mission trips, etc. And i thought that it meant that i got things right. Hey, if i am given serving portions, it means that my relationship with God is right, isn’t that wight Wrong. But that was what I thought. And now, as I see my peers and even younger siblings growing in their service, i know that my focus was on the wrong things…
2) To equate spiritual effectiveness we have on others with relationship with God
– Erm… I don’t really have a problem with this, ’cause I don’t think I have much of an influence on others. Ha.
3) Activating relationship with God in the Christian community
– Hmmm… Do i?

What authentic Christianity is:
Our relationship with God = God and God alone
– I think I must consistently ask myself if I am growing in my relationship with God. I just attended a session the past Monday, where a sister’s exhortation kinda disturbed me. Sometimes we think that having our regular Quiet Time (which i try very much to keep to) and prayer means that our relationship with God is alright. But do we really know God in our every day? Do i experience that daily encountering of God with a personal revelation of His word through my meditation, or encountering His presence as I spend time in closet prayer? I can say candidly that during this period, I don’t. In fact, it frustrates me that my heart has greater affections for a physical yet unfamiliar person than the intangible yet personal God. But I am keeping at my spiritual disciplines. I can only ask that He let me encounter Him. Every day and in things that are everyday.

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One Response to 8 August 2007. Wednesday. Sunny. I’m still alive!

  1. Ying says:

    Ha sis,u do hav influence on me.See your helpfulness,caring,sensitivityespecially to me.hee.privilege i am.Truly is outflow from God. If it’s not your relationship with God, you won’t have part of His character right? đŸ˜‰ Persevere on with the humble attitude upon wanting the will of God be yours. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.(Jn16:24)

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