Thank God for Deepavali…

… the break, I mean. Yeah, was hoping to catch up on my sleep debt, but I had made the commitment to join my ‘Crispy’ mates for breakfast and the youths for the EYF launch from 10am to 4pm, so I couldn’t laze in bed as long as I had hoped. Never mind. The launch was great! I actually felt youthful. LOL. Ah… the perils of self-deception… thereafter I’ve actually gotten a tan to show off for my day out.

Then there was Samuel & Mingyu’s wedding rehearsal at night. It was a delight to see friends whose friendship and courtship you had witnessed (preparing) getting hitched. Also thank God for meeting friends whom I haven’t seen for some time, for people that I have been thinking of…

Thank you, God, for life’s little blessings. 🙂

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