Strange thing, this loneliness

Truth is, I seldom feel lonely. Even when I’m alone. I guess I’ve grown to amuse myself with all that’s around me that I don’t feel lonely. In fact, the times that I felt acutely lonely was when I was with crowds of people. And they were people who I know.

And it’s strange that in the Nov/Dec 07 issue of Discipleship Journal on loneliness, there are a few narrations of people who experience loneliness. There’s the wife, preacher, single lady and guy, widow… some whom you would never connect loneliness with. I suppose it’s the same loneliness that drives individuals from vastly different backgrounds to seek solace in one another’s companionship. That’s something that I had concluded as I see many foreign-workers couples together in Singapore, especially during their weekend breaks. The lady is usually a domestic helper from neighbouring shores, and the guy, a labourer from the region of Indian sub-continent. Somehow English becomes their lingua franca, and they would tease one another with their limited vocabulary, aided by their body language and wide gesticulation. Of course, there are people who say that love transcends language barriers, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s love, or sadly, loneliness, that brings them together. Or perhaps worse – lust.

Shakespeare said that misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows. I think loneliness is another culprit.

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