Pet peeves

I’m no astute observer of life, but something tells me that we are getting more and more individualistic. Just take a look at the commuters in the MRT train. Have you noticed that no one ever says ‘Excuse me’ anymore? Not even when they are trying to get out of the train. Usually people would just gingerly squeeze their svelte bodies past those standing near the train doors. And of course, good luck if they are not so svelte. But no one says ‘Excuse me’. Somehow, people would just know when to step aside. Even if they don’t know, there are ways of getting them to do that. I’ve seen guys poking or pushing the shoulders of those who are in their way to make way for them. I just thought it’s so rude. What’s the problem with them? Do they have such bad breaths that they don’t dare to open their mouths?

Speaking of mouths, people hardly cover their mouths when they yawn. Please, I do not want to look at the cavities in your teeth. Hmmm… or maybe I should. Maybe I should attempt to count the number of cavities every time I see a yawning mouth and congratulate the person if there are none. Bah.

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1 Response to Pet peeves

  1. Yu Fang says:

    Hahahaha..Ying Zhi.. You very Sacarstic lor..I never thought of counting the number of cavities in people’s mouth before..=P

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