Thank you for praying

For those of you who knew about and prayed for my grandma, thank you for praying. She was hospitalised on Fri night due to a fall. She wasn’t very lucid on Sunday night; she thought that she was still at home. But she’s better now – knows where she is, recognises people… but still weak and little appetite. Her urinary tract is infected and the fall complicated her osteoporosis condition. Will have to take medication and undergo occupational therapy. Otherwise, not life threatening. Please pray healing – physically and spiritually. She’s illiterate so understanding the good news is a problem. Will have to find someone who knows Hainanese to talk to her. Pls intercede with me…

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1 Response to Thank you for praying

  1. Anna says:

    Glad to visit your grandma this evening and to meet your dad; indeed both of you look so alike! 😀 Your grandma looks younger than her age of 94… Jesus loves your grandma and He wants her to know Him too! Pray towards the day of her salvation! Amen! 🙂

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