Reflections from the book Twelve Extraordinary Women: Eve

If there’s one woman who’s extraordinary, it’s Eve. Adam was but made from dust, and the rest of us were conceived in our mothers’ wombs, but Eve was physically crafted from the rib of Adam by God. The author’s guess was that she was the epitome of the perfect woman, and I guess I would agree. But that was before the fall, of course. She was deceived by the devil, the cunning serpent, who appealed to her natural desires (bodily appetite, aesthetic sensibilities, and intellectual curiosity) and enticed her to sin. “Those are all good, legitimate, healthy urges – unless the object of desire is sinful, and then natural passion become evil lust.

John MacArthur highlighted something about the scheme of the evil one that captured my attention:


The serpent’s opening words in verse 1 [The serpent said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?] set the tenor for all his dealings with humanity: “Has God indeed said…?” Skepticism is implicit in the inquiry. This is his classic modus operandi. He questions the Word of God, suggesting uncertainty about the meaning of God’s statements, raising doubt about the truthfulness of what God has said, insinuating suspicion about the motives behind God’s secret purposes, or voicing apprehension about the wisdom of God’s plan.

This grabbed my attention because I’m a skeptic (or if you are a pedant of the use of British English, it’s sceptic). I’m a doubter. It keeps me from falling prey to scams. But I wonder if this nature hinders me from trusting God fully. If this skepticism causes me to doubt the goodness of God and His character, then it must go because it’s probably used by the evil one to stumble me. I need to put on the belt of truth, to wield the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God, so that I can stand firm against the devil’s schemes.

Even after the fall, God offered hope to Eve. Her Seed would crush the head of her adversary. Redemption was in the plans of God all along. Adam and Eve hid themselves and made coverings to hide their shame, but God would provide animal skins and more to cover their nakedness. Through the last Adam, man would have their guilt and shame removed. And yes, the last Adam descended through the line of Adam and Eve. This last Adam is Jesus Christ.

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