Is that You, Holy Spirit?

During yesterday’s CG out, I asked my group to share examples of Christians whom they have witnessed to be filled with the Holy Spirit. There was silence for a good few minutes. I thought aloud that it was scary we (including me) can’t readily think of people who are filled with the Holy Spirit (whether it be in our church or otherwise). But soon, we got the ball rolling, and we all agreed with one another on the examples we shared: there’s the sister who loves the Word of God, shares of the joy in studying His Word, and takes great pain in preparing her notes to share of the richness of God’s truth; then there’s the married mother who, despite a not-so-easy pregnancy, displayed her desire to give undivided attention to God’s word through Sunday sermons, and exhorted us to love God even though she wasn’t in any serving role.

I wondered why we took so long to share these examples, although we could clearly attest that they are Spirit-filled Christians. Perhaps we have given too much weight to the individuals’ natural abilities. For example, the first sister has a gift with the English language and perhaps we think that her love for God’s word comes naturally with her gift. Or perhaps we have harboured unrealistic expectations of a Spirit-filled person, like a zen-like aura, or a veneer that seems to be unperturbed or untouched by the world. Or maybe it’s our church culture, where we don’t really talk much of the Holy Spirit (except during a couple of Foundation issues). Don’t get me wrong, my church believes in the Person of the Holy Spirit; it’s just that He’s not always on our lips, not in the same frequency and way as some churches. (I remember going to a charismatic church a few years back and someone from there said to me that she felt the Holy Spirit moving strongly in that place. I didn’t feel anything, and I wondered if there was something seriously wrong with me…)

Anyway, I think I need to know the Person more closely and dearly. I need a renewed understanding of the work of Holy Spirit in my life and others’ lives. Help me, Holy Spirit.

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