This ain’t an eulogy

With thousands of people are penning tributes to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, this is probably going to get lost in the abyss of blogosphere. But I will still say my piece.

MJ was entertaining: he was a consummate performer who put his heart and soul to his craft (read this moving tribute to have a better understanding of the man’s commitment to his work). I didn’t realise that I knew that many MJ songs till I watched MTV’s hour-long music videos special last week. And yes, he was part of my childhood as well: I remember buying his Dangerous cassette album when I was 12 (but my parents were not very pleased with me listening to his songs after he was charged with child molestation).

Having said all this, I’m very uncomfortable with the way people in the streets are mourning over him. Do they know him personally? Can they say anything in praise of him apart from his work? Can they say that he is a good man? It’s like, I’m dead and my colleagues remember me as someone who did very good Excel spreadsheet reports (just grab my dead body from the casket and stab me in my dead heart instead). At the very least, please say that I was a responsible worker.

His fans will celebrate his personality, but not his character. I think I have a weakness for charismatic individuals (take Adam Lambert, for example), but in the end, personality can never make up for character. And in the end, what God looks for is character – Jesus Christ, His Son, in each one of us.

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