What’s our destiny?

During last sat’s Adult Fellowship, we looked at verses on heaven and hell, judgment, punishment and reward – topics which we don’t really discuss, and perhaps prefer not to think of most of the time. But it’s difficult not to bring up these sobering verses when we are looking at bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to others.

During the session, we also viewed a clip where people shared of their near death experiences and terrifying accounts of visions of hell. Then there were interviews of people in the street, some of which believed in heaven but not hell, or either. Some didn’t believe that there’s something after death, while others just think that heaven is just a state of mind. Even though the clip was from the US, I’m not surprised if these are the prevailing opinions of people in Singapore as well. But these are made even more frightening when the accounts of hell are juxtaposed with people’s apathy in judgment and the destiny of their souls. Yet, what can we expect from a society that thinks morality is arbitary and truth is relative?

This reminds me of something from DA Carson’s message on the temptation of Adam and Eve:

“‘You will not surely die’, the serpent said to the woman”, which is of course the first recorded contradiction of something God said. And the first thing to be denied is the doctrine of judgment. Once we eliminate judgment, once we eliminate sanctions, it is easier to challenge God’s authority across the board ’cause there are no nasty entailments.

That was the first lie that man believed in: that there is no judgment. No wonder till now, we humans have still succumbed to the same deception of the evil one, that there is no one to account to, and there will be no consequences to our choices and actions. Yet it’s no longer about personal opinions or preferences, for God’s word is our reference.

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