Can a Christian be prayerless?

This post on Desire Spiritual Growth made me uneasy, in a good way. I
wasn’t much of a pray-er when I was younger in my faith, particularly
because of my self-sufficient attitude. By the grace of God, that slowly
changed because I have learnt and am still learning to see much more of my
weakness and inadequacies. It bothered me that I wasn’t prayerful, and a
Christian cannot be prayerless, as these quotes from five spiritual giants
here suggest. And why not? In summary:

  1. C.H. Spurgeon: All true Christians are marked by prayer
  2. J.C. Ryle: Not praying is a clear proof that a man is not yet a true Christian
  3. John Calvin: Claims of belief are worthless if prayer if of no account to us
  4. Martin Luther: Prayer is the necessary breath of a Christian
  5. Andrew Murray: Your Church is Powerless Because It is Prayerless

I encourage you to read the whole article here.

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