Prayerlessness is unbelief

I just re-posted an entry on ‘Can a Christian be prayerless’ a couple of days ago, and there’s another post that i just had to share. Rev Kevin DeYoung wrote about why ‘Prayerlessness is unbelief’ and I felt that it pierced my heart. I quote the part that struck me the most:

Too often when we struggle with prayer we focus on the wrong things.  We focus on praying better instead of focusing on knowing better the one to whom we pray.  We focus on our need for discipline rather than our need for God.  Almost all of us want to pray more frequently, and yet our lives seem too disordered.  But in God’s mind our messy, chaotic lives are an impetus to prayer instead of an obstacle to prayer.

I often think that my ill-disciplined life is an obstacle to prayer, but as Rev DeYoung suggests, it should be the impetus (motivation) to our prayer instead. Prayer should be a cry to God, for God.

Please, read the whole article here.

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