Reflections from Facebook fast

Let me recap why I made the decision to fast from Facebook for 40 days:

  1. They say that you need 40 days of repeated action to make something a habit (although now on hindsight it seems to apply to commission than omission…);
  2. Prior to the fast, I felt that I was spending so much time on Facebook that it seemed like an addiction. I decided that I was not going to be enslaved to Facebook; and
  3. I hoped to do something more fruitful instead of surfing Facebook.

Ok, I must confess: I cheated. There were a couple of occassions that I logged into Facebook. No more than 5 mins each time though, because I wanted to get some photos, and yes, also to check on some people…

Anyway, what have i learnt from this fast?

  1. I still spent the same amount of time on the Internet, but I blogged and online-shopped (oops) instead (but I’ve curbed the online shopping habit). I realised how much I enjoy the Internet.
  2. Facebook is but a tool, and I can master my use.

I think I now spend less time on Facebook compared to before the fast. It’s usually 10 minutes in and then out. I quit playing games (they take up too much time), skim through photo albums (or not at all), and control my video watching. And I guess I won’t have much time to do so in the new year when I start my three-books-in-two-months resolution (and I’m trying to finish a book before the new year).

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