Is God’s word boring?

I hope not. If the word of God is found to be boring, then there’s something wrong with the listener. Then again, he’s probably not listening at all. Mark Galli suggests that a lack of interest could really be wanting to the audience’s desire to hear what they want to hear:

No longer are listeners asked to listen humbly to the proclamation of God’s Word, in all its mystery and glory. To be sure, we want the preacher to begin with the Word—we’re Christians after all—but only as a starting point, and only as long as he moves on to things that really interest us… …

Whenever the Bible is read, a hush should come over us. We should be inching toward the edge of our seats, leaning forward, turning our best ear toward the speaker, fearful we’ll miss a single word—the deeds and words and character of Almighty and Merciful God are being revealed! In a world of suffering and pain, of doubt and despair, of questions about the meaning and purpose of existence, we are about to hear of God’s glory, forgiveness, mercy and love, of his intention for the world, of his promise to make it all good in the end, of the way to join his people, of the means to abide with him forever! And there we sit, tapping our feet, mentally telling the preacher to get on with it.

Mark Galli, Yawning at the Word, Christianity Today

I think that was my problem. There were times where after having my Quiet Time, I felt that I didn’t get something out of the session. I was just looking for something relevant to apply in my life. But that wasn’t God’s agenda. God wants to reveal Himself and His works to me through His words, but I wasn’t listening. And I thank God for His correction. I asked God to just help me understand His word in the book of Galatians without prejudice and I had just finished my Quiet Time in the book of Galatians, which is amazing! (Actually, the whole BIble is…) The reader’s attitude matters.

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