Transparent but not intimate

[Via Justin Taylor]

It is the paradox of the cyber era: A nation of exhibitionists demanding privacy. . . . The most interesting aspect of cyber culture . . . is not the quest for privacy but its disregard — not the desire to protect private communication but the compulsion to make bra colors public… [T]he real revolution of the Internet has been to make personal disclosure routine… Transparency has become disconnected from intimacy.

Michael Gerson

A sister astutely remarked that ‘my generation’ (whatever the range is) gladly confesses their struggles, dreams and secrets to the world through blogs and social networking sites, but shuns confiding in actual human beings. How strange but true! I wonder if I am what that sister and Michael Gerson described: transparent but not intimate. I think writing this blog compelled me to open up on issues which I would usually keep mum about, be it weaknesses or pains. I have also learnt to share dreams, hopes and joys through my writing. But do I really connect with people? I actually feel that I still have problems connecting with people; sometimes I wonder if people are interested in my life or my words, whether in person or blog. Maybe I’m just second guessing myself too much (I do that a lot). Or maybe I’m not listening and empathising enough. Perhaps I should make a point to share my personal opinions to someone first before blogging about it so that the Internet doesn’t become my confidante.

As I muse about my ‘over-dependence’ of this blog, let me just record this ironic fact: this is the 200th post of my four-year-old blog. I’m amused amazed at how long I’ve kept this up. And I’m not done yet.

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1 Response to Transparent but not intimate

  1. SY says:

    i can understand and identify with what you’ve written. Maybe it really has to be a conscious choice to make God (1st) our confidante and then pple whom God graciously placed around us. Try not to second guess la, it somewhat spiral one inward n downward. I’ll be glad to hear you share your thoughts n musings 🙂

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