February 20th

You asked which song made me cry. Dunno if you heard my answer that day. If not, this is my answer.


This day in 2008 meant so much to Steven Curtis Chapman that he wrote a song titled February 20th in his album, Beauty will Rise. That day he led his five-year-old daughter Maria to ask Jesus to come into her life. Little would Chapman know that Maria would pass away in a tragic accident three months later.

Actually, when I was listening through the album and this song came on, I cried. I’m not a parent, but I can imagine the comfort and assurance that Chapman had knowing that his daughter is now with Jesus because she expressed faith in God’s promise.

Having experienced God’s grace and mercy through this journey of grief and searching for answers, Chapman produced this album. It’s not your typical praise and worship album; it sounds more like his own personal psalms or reflections from his diary. But it’s Chapman’s testimony of God’s work in his life. And what a wonderful testimony it is.

February 20th 2008 / On the floor with her mom / Puttin’ her shoes on / Getting ready for another day

February 20th / She says, “Mom, is it true? / Does God really have a big, big house / Does it really have a lot of rooms?” / And she says, / “I really, really want to go there.” / And I said, “Why don’t we just talk to him” / And that’s what we did / On February 20th

February 20th / I did my best to explain / How it is that we all go to be with God / How it was the Savior came

February 20th / If it’s true what he said / God himself sang along with the beautiful song / Of rejoicing in heaven / She said, “Jesus please come and live in my heart / And someday, can I come live with you?” / We could never have imagined / She’d be going there so soon

So soon / So soon

God only knows / Everything that happened in that moment / God only knows / What he whispered to her heart / God only knows / Just how thankful I will always be / That he gave her mom and me / February 20th

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