On sleep

Unfortunately, I’m going through this phase of interrupted sleep again as the construction work downstairs invite unwelcome mosquitoes and the erratic weather makes me hot and cold at the same time (and I thought only my emotions are hot and cold. Bah). Anyway, here’s a recent short post from Tony Reinke on sleep, which reminds us that sleep is a gift from God and he ordains it for our benefit:

The topic of sleep is rarely far from the newsstands. Studies link sleep to everything from academic scores to obesity. A new line of sleep drinks features a shot of melatonin to help you fall asleep (think anti-energy drink). And of course the news is filled with reports of a major pop musician’s sleep problems and of his doctor, who is accused of inducing permanent and irreversible slumber.

Sleep is rarely far from conversation. Probably because sleep is never far removed from our lives.

Roughly speaking, most of us spend about 1/3 of our lives asleep (whereas mothers of small children spend about 1/8 of their lives asleep). The Bible says quite a bit on this topic, probably because sleep is both a good teacher and a revealer of the heart. 

The Bible says:

  1. Sleep is a daily gift from God (Psalm 127:1–2).
  2. Sleep reminds us daily of our need for God (Psalms 3:5, 4:8).
  3. Excessive sleep exposes sin and leads to poverty (Proverbs 6:9–11, 20:13).
  4. Sleep is sweet when we are walking in wisdom (Proverbs 3:19–24).
  5. Falling asleep provides an opportunity to examine our hearts before God (Psalm 4:4).
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