On hold

Thanks to various social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, people are more connected than ever. Your friends can know what you ate for lunch, the last lie you told, your love pangs, and all over the internet instantaneously. Yet we are still lonely. I read the posts of several individuals on my friends list and discovered people crying out for attention. They were in need of help, of a listening ear, or had yearnings for affections and special relationships. In the end, regardless of their problem, they were looking for their someone.

Strangely, I felt a sudden pang of loneliness last Sunday night. It’s not that I’ve never felt loneliness before, but it came at a moment that I had least expected. I was waiting for a sister to go for a swim and she was late. As I waited, I felt this loneliness that I sought to ease by moving closer to a group of siblings meeting over some ministry matters. And I tried to pass my time fruitfully by relooking at my Quiet Time notes. Then I realised how strange it was to have this lonely feeling even though I’ve often had solitude alone. I’d never felt lonely during those times when I was reading the Bible by myself, yet this time I was. But why?

It was the waiting. It was the staying in expectation for someone to come along. It was almost as if your life was on hold. For those who were waiting for someone to come along or to respond to them, I wonder if their lives were on hold. Yes, each day came and went, but I wonder if the day’s opportunities and possibilities were lost as they just waited.

It’s OK to cry out in loneliness. God made us relational creatures, with that yearning for significant relationships. In fact, it’s OK to admit we are lonely. Maybe it’s a stigma because people expect us to be more social with all these platforms and an admittance of loneliness means you are anti-social or just plain strange. But don’t put your life on hold. Anticipate, but don’t just do nothing. God has given us so much to live for each day.

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