Devotion first. Service second.

I’m feeling a growing resentment over this ‘gospel of performance’ that I saw in Christians who left the church. Discouraged by the lack of growth in their walk with God and feeling lousy over the perceived state of their service, they just decided to give up. I hate this ‘gospel of performance’ because I’ve seen people whom I love and care for walk away and disappear.

It’s a wonderful and worthy thing to desire to see fruits in our lives and our ministry; in fact, fruits are marks of our abiding in Christ. But shouldn’t this stem from foremost a love for God? When service usurps the priority of devotion to God, then this brand of ‘Christianity’ becomes no more than a religion. Good works becomes the basis of God’s favour, but we know that it is sheer grace of God that our service reaps fruits. We don’t earn them because of our diligence, our competence, or even our zeal. Rather, this grace must compel us to love Him more and more. Love has to precede service.

But I thank God for His grace that He restores. I thank God for His work in a sister’s life that she dares to call God her Abba Father again because of the gospel of grace. She might have failed, but she saw that God loves her still. This is grace – unmerited favour in His acceptance and love, undeserved gift of enjoying the fruits of our labour.

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