Epiphany of Grace

I was out with some siblings in Christ a few months ago and a sister shared her grief of losing her colleague to depression (the colleague committed suicide). She had been reaching out to him and was lamenting over the lost opportunities where she felt she should have done something but didn’t. She shared that he was a very responsible worker and well-liked by everyone. But he was unaffected by the gospel even though the sister tried to reach out to him various times.

I was just trying to comfort the sister, telling her that we would never know why God choose to elect some and not others, and that we should thank God that we have the gift of salvation and are among the elect. Then it just struck me: why am I saved? Compared to the sister’s colleague, I’m not necessarily better in any way. So why me? Why am I elected? At that moment, I was just amazed at God’s gift of grace to me, a sinner, because I know that if not for the grace of God, our destiny, MY destiny, would have been the same – destruction.

This sense of gratitude has been with me for the past few months, carrying me through periods where I feel no motivation to love people or too tired to serve. I suppose we all need this dose of reminder of grace from time to time, to refresh us in our journey.

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