Free from the addicting powers of the present moment

Lewis’ unwavering commitment to what is True and Real and Valuable, as opposed to what is trendy or fashionable or current, has been another kind of liberation for me, namely, from “chronological snobbery.” He loved the wisdom of the ages, not the whimsy of the passing present. He called himself a Neanderthaler and a dinosaur. He didn’t read newspapers. He never wore a watch. He never learned to type. He did not own or drive a car. He cared nothing about cutting a good appearance and wore the same old clothes until they were threadbare. He was incredibly free from the addicting powers of the present moment.

John Piper, Lessons from an Inconsolable Soul

C.S. Lewis sounds like the man who knew that he was just but a pilgrim in this world. Perhaps it would be impossible to be like him at this age, not owning a watch, not knowing how to type, etc. But one thing was clear from his convictions: His affections were not for the things of this world or what this world could offer. He didn’t make himself too comfortable in this world.

It didn’t matter to him that others may consider him antediluvian. In fact, many would judge that if one is not on level with the current standards and trends of this world, s/he is out of touch and outdated. But there are standards that are glorious, everlasting truth. These are what we should pursue and live by.

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