Information goes in, but nothing ever comes out. Ambiguous, inconsistent, or non-existent communication can be a self-preservation tactic; being non-committal allows a leader Christian to keep his options open and avoid accountability.

Four ways to destroy your church: point 4 – Be a black hole. Never communicate.

I read this paragraph and some people just came to mind. It explained their non-committal attitudes and actions: no explanations, no accountability, no nothing. But it’s exactly what’s described: self-preservation – no dying to self, no carrying of the cross. They feel safe because nobody is allowed to probe or question them and they can continue to live their lives undisturbed. But there’s also no change, no growth, no ‘Christ must increase, I must decrease’. I wonder if they realise that not only are they veiling the divine nature in them but also affecting the fellowship of the saints.

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