I don’t love to read

I think I look like a geek or something. People look at me and tell me, ‘you love to read, right?’ No, I don’t love to read. I would rather be entertained, whether it be slumping in a sofa in front of the TV or surfing the Internet. But I try to read anyway. Some books just inspire you to think great thoughts of God and strengthen your heart to follow Jesus, and life’s too short to be watching too much TV, surf the net or read trashy books. I’m making a conscious decision to read and am currently reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s the Cost of Discipleship and John Piper’s When I don’t desire God (and abandoning Elizabeth Elliot’s Through the Gates of Splendour).

And I’m amazed at what I retain from the books. During this week’s Bible quiz at Foundation class, salient ideas from certain books just popped into my mind when we were trying to answer questions relating to Christianity. For example, on the question relating to women leading and preaching in the church, at one point I was musing, just read What’s the difference (Manhood and Womanhood defined according to the Bible) by John Piper on his advocacy of women encouraging men to lead, preach and teach, and women serving God in the many other ministries available; at another point, I thought, just check out the chapter on Sarah in John MacArthur’s Twelve Extraordinary Women, for an example of a woman praised for her gentleness and meekness though her submission as a wife. I’ve come to the point where I think I can have just one takeaway from a book to say that the reading’s all worthwhile. My little brain can’t synthesise anything more.

But I’ve only read 50% of the books that I have (out of about 100 books) and am adding to my collection from time to time. I wonder if I would ever finish reading them in my lifetime, but I guess as long as I don’t give up, I would be able to cover most of them. If you struggle with reading, try books that are of interest to you and not intimidating in length. Enjoy fellowship with the saints through their words in print!

P.S. this post was translated into Thai and shared on Mana Society in April 2011 and posted on ymiblogging in July 2012 🙂


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One Response to I don’t love to read

  1. jelsh says:

    hey! just an update fyi… this is currently being translated to Thai! woo hoo 🙂

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