My first poem for God

Inspired by a passage in Timothy Keller’s book ‘The prodigal God’, I resolved to pen poems for God (as recorded in this post in April). Okay, it’s a very ambitious dream, considering that I’ve never dabbled in poetry. And maybe I should first remind everyone that I had scored only 51 marks in my Sec 1 Sem 1 Literature exam so that your expectations are set low. I had received a little inspiration in April during my Quiet Time but failed to quickly translate those ideas to words. So, after a few months of inertia and procrastination, I have finally crafted my first poem!

To light and delight

On the fourth day, God said, ‘Let there be light
In the sky, to separate day and night,
To mark seasons and days and years by sight,
And to illuminate the earth by light.

And hence it was so – God made two great lights:
To rule the day, the greater light shines bright,
While the lesser glows to govern the night;
He too made stars and set them in great heights.

Each day, God’s glory the heavens recite,
And proclaim His works, by skies dark or white;
As their voice goes out into ev’ry site,
Through their speech, the knowledge of God, excite,

Daily, the celestial bodies invite
All creation to praise God’s awesome might.
May their obedience, in us ignite.
A constant desire to give God delight.

Ok, so as you can see, I’m an old-school poet: each line has the same number of syllables (i.e. ten) and I tried my best to ensure that the last word of each line rhymes, but I failed in the second stanza (stupid plural words). My inspiration for the first two stanzas was from Genesis 1:14-19, and I went on to look at Psalm 19:1-4 for the third stanza. If I have to grade myself, I would give myself 3 out of 10 for my first attempt – too many repetitions of ‘light’, and I wish that there were more expressions of adoration than this descriptive narration. And who would have known that counting syllables is so tedious! I thought ‘their’ has two syllables and ‘desire’, three (the correct counts are one and two syllables respectively). Guess I should pray for talent and more inspiration.

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