Jesus died at 33. A study has shown that people are the happiest at 33. As I turn 33, I have never felt more at ease with myself, grateful for what I have (and what I don’t have), and appreciative of the people who love me and whom I love.

In recent days, my angst over the uncertainties in life started to dissipate. Through solitude, God showed me my unhappiness arose from discontentment as I compared what I have and didn’t have with others’. But God reminded me that there are ‘10,000 reasons‘ to praise and thank Him. And I do have those reasons.

I guess God answered the prayers of my friends after I shared with them my anxiety over work. Then came an increasing sense of purpose from work, seeing that I could help profile colleagues’ work for recognition.

I also realised that I’m in a privileged position, enjoying financial independence, a certain quality of life, good health, and love of my family and friends.

And there is hope. With all that I am and have, I can bless others.

So at 33, I’m just thankful for love and life.

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