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The Prodigal God

The title of the book was intriguing enough. I’ve always thought that the word prodigal meant wayward. But as the author Timothy Keller corrected me, prodigal meant ‘recklessly extravagant; having spent everything’. So it was certainly not about a wayward … Continue reading

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Sleep early

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Pet peeves

I’m no astute observer of life, but something tells me that we are getting more and more individualistic. Just take a look at the commuters in the MRT train. Have you noticed that no one ever says ‘Excuse me’ anymore? … Continue reading

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27 Jan 07. Saturday. Migraine day. Again

It’s one of those days when you wake up and there’s this annoying migraine. You just feel like getting a drill to bore a hole in your skull and hopefully, all that is creating the migraine will flow out. Yes, … Continue reading

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Last night at McDonald’s collage

This is a deviation from my natural self: I’m usually not so egomaniac. But since I was there to capture the memories, I was in lots of pictures.

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Just for laughs…

My brother bought this banana plush before Christmas 05. This is how it looks like: And when he showed it to our mother, guess what she said it was? .‘Gong Ji’ (Rooster in Chinese) .And I was baffled. She just … Continue reading

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11 Feb. 2006. Saturday. Whatever

We had a Friendster day today at YF. Well, playing was playing, but I was more disturbed by my perceived behaviour. I guess some saw it as hostility; I didn’t mean to be hostile but I just wanted to make … Continue reading

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