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2013 in reflection

When I first started my blog, I told myself that I would update it at least once a month. But my last entry was seven months ago, and I guess that pretty indicated the state of affairs in my life … Continue reading

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An exceedingly onerous building project

My Bible reading plan started off without a hitch this year. But of course, as the weeks got busier when the school assignments increased, a few hiccups invariably popped up. But I thank God that I managed to finish the … Continue reading

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Do not judge, or you too will be judged

Some recent highly publicised criminal proceedings stirred up some thoughts on my own propensity towards sin. As gossips and comments went rife both online and offline, some were quick to pronounce guilt and judgement on the alleged perpetrators. Somehow, I … Continue reading

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The doldrums

It’s one of those days where everything seems to assail you at the same time: uncertainties in life, unhappiness at work, lingering thoughts on unfulfilled potentials and many what-ifs. And this is the second time I’ve felt this way in … Continue reading

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2011 in reflection

While speaking to several friends about the year that is passing, most shared that it was rather insignificant or that they did not experience any major events in their lives in 2011. Not so for me. 2011 was the year … Continue reading

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Second-hand faith

This Desiring God blog post published some months back provoked a few thoughts on the depth of my personal faith. I may not be a young theologian, but the dangers of this second-hand faith stay the same for me. I’m … Continue reading

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Discernment and the will of God

I think I was asleep when we went through the Foundation issue of Will of God. I figured this out because I have been asking the wrong questions for many years. ‘God, tell me if I should switch jobs’, ‘should … Continue reading

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